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About Medahalli Village

According to the oral history provided by the village elders, Medahalli was a passive village till ( ). The entire village lands were under the ownership of one ( ). The villagers were prompted by him to purchase the lands at a very nominal rate and that too on easy installments.

Some parts of the lands had been endowed with irrigation facilities. During the years 1920-70, the villagers used to grow local rice, ragi. They followed traditional practices. The yields of rice were about five quintals per acre. and After years farmers slowly switched over from subsistence agriculture to commercial SILK WARMING.

The basic information about the village revealed that the total geographical area is ( ) acres. There are ( ) pattadars of which ( ) are the actual cultivators. The barren land and uncultivable land is ( ) acres, land under non-agricultural use are ( ) acres, the permanent pasture and grazing land is( ) acres, land suitable for cultivation is ( ) acres, other follow land is( ) acres and current follow land is ( )acres. The gross cropped area is ( )acres, of which ( )acres are sown more than once and the average land holding under each family is ( ) acres.

Medahalli Village

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